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GIICM was created by Frank after such a thing was discussed on sci.electronics. The name is due to (Steve Walz), and any suggestions on changing it will be forwarded to /dev/null.

Timing information for ICs is not available, and only TTL, 4000-series CMOS, some microprocessor (support) and a few analog chips are included.

A text-based version that you can download into your (portable) computer is available on Steve's FTP site (

To minimize the amount of information needed per IC, a structured format is used in the descriptions, and only features that differ from the assumptions below are indicated. Truth tables are not yet available for all ICs, because creating them takes a long time or information may not be available.

Anyone wanting to add this information should feel free to do so, but please to not post changed versions. Instead, mail additions to taking care to change the first dot into a dash.


Copyright 1992-1997, Frank A. Vorstenbosch.
Commercial reproduction of the included information (in whatever way) is not allowed without prior consent of the author. In all cases must this copyright message be reproduced on the copies.

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